Start, Scale, and Succeed with a Modern Postgres Compatible DBaaS

Enjoy scalability on demand, 99.99% uptime, and global availability without compromising strong consistency for your  applications with YugabyteDB Managed!

Plus, benefit from best-in-class PostgreSQL compatibility, built-in security and hassle-free operations at a fraction of the cost of traditional legacy solutions.

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James Hartig
Co-Founder, Admiral

"We chose YugabyteDB Managed as our database backend of choice to power our deployment, which spans 5 countries and 3 continents. The continued stream of new innovations to YugabyteDB Managed helps us minimize our operational overhead, deliver end-to-end encryption, and easily monitor our geo-distributed database."

Cloud with Confidence

Deliver fast and reliable services with YugabyteDB Managed's modern database capabilities.


Infinite Scalability

Experience limitless scalability as you effortlessly scale your database clusters up or out with zero downtime.


Intrinsic Resiliency

Ensure continuous availability of database clusters in the event of zone, region or hardware failures.


Flexible Geo-distribution

Embrace geo-distribution with sync and async replication and geo-partitioning, delivering unmatched choice.

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Global Availability

Deploy apps and data where your users are. Currently available in over 45 regions in AWS and Google Cloud.

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Performance at Scale

Achieve low application latency and high throughput at scale to ensure optimal customer experiences.


Instant Productivity

Create and connect to a scalable, resilient, PostgreSQL-compatible database in minutes


World-class operations

Rely on Yugabyte's experienced cloud operations team, with their decades of experience and industry-leading best practices, to protect your data.

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Built-in Security

Secure your data with features such as customer managed keys, AWS PrivateLink, VPC peering, network isolation, and turnkey encryption.

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Simplified Migration

Accelerate cloud-native adoption with our comprehensive migration tool that frees critical application data from legacy database limitations.