Implement a Distributed Data Access Layer Using Spring Data and YugabyteDB

If you develop for the cloud, you will benefit by using a distributed data access layer that spans multiple availability zones or regions. It’s even better to build such a layer on top of a distributed SQL database.

Join Vlad Mihalcea and Denis Magda as they implement the Spring Data persistence layer on top of the YugabyteDB database.

This workshop will walk you through:

  • An introduction to YugabyteDB and its ease of migration from PostgreSQL

  • YugabyteDB consistency models and how its optimistic-locking approach can help you scale both reads and writes

  • Fault-tolerant Spring Data data access layer with YugabyteDB multi-AZ and multi-region deployment options

By utilizing YugabyteDB's approach to consistency, scalability, and multi-region automatic sharding, this webinar will demonstrate how (and why) running a Spring Data application with YugabyteDB is both simple and powerful.

Date: Thursday, Dec 15

Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am ET


Vlad Mihalcea
Java Champion, CEO of Hypersistence

Denis Magda
Director, Developer Relations, Yugabyte

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