The Database Architect's Guide to Distributed SQL
for Financial Services

Financial services firms (of all shapes and sizes) need a modern, distributed database solution for high-volume, geographically-distributed transactional applications that offers low latency, high availability, compliance, and scalability.

Distributed SQL is the answer!

Our comprehensive ebook introduces you to the power of distributed SQL and details how companies—like yours—can take full advantage of this powerful, modern database through:

  • PostgreSQL compatibility
  • Strong data security
  • High availability
  • Geo-distribution
  • Horizontal scalability
  • Operational simplicity
  • Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployment

As a bonus, you'll hear directly from a VP and fellow architect from a leading fintech firm who has made the migration! Check out his expert advice on all things SQL (and NoSQL) compatibility, data security, scalability, and data consistency.

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