The financial services industry has exemplified the need for data driven innovation more than any other over the past decade. A data-first strategy coupled with a modern cloud native tech stack enables innovation velocity and global reach without compromising accuracy, availability, and security. But even the best laid database modernization plans often fail. Why? And what does it take to drive successful database modernization at scale?

Join Matt Aslett, VP & research director at Ventana Research, and Jay Duraisamy, SVP technology for data and analytics at Fiserv, for a conversation with Suda Srinivasan, Yugabyte about industry trends in data-driven innovation. We will talk about how a well executed database modernization initiative can unlock measurable value for your business in terms of productivity gains, customer experience, total cost of ownership and more. We will also discuss the steps that industry-leader Fiserv is taking to transform its data stack.

What will you get from this webinar:

  • Discover key industry trends impacting data-first organizations in financial services
  • Understand how a Fortune 500 financial services leader is rethinking its database technology layer for modern applications
  • Learn how distributed SQL databases fit into the new world of cloud native transactional apps

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