This paper focuses on the business value that YugabyteDB brings to banking services organisations as they address the challenge of modernisation and the inter-linked opportunity of open banking.

We clearly identify the distinguishing capabilities of YugabyteDB that inform the effective decision-making of distributed SQL adopters.

The compromise between scalability and availability on the one hand and transactional consistency on the other plagues modernisation and transformation of the data layer. The paper explains how YugabyteDB eliminates this compromise, delivering value to many areas of the business: Risk, Operations and Engineering.

In this white paper, we examine:

  • Open Banking - microservices are a perfect fit for layered open banking solutions; but data layer limitations, both NoSQL and monolithic databases, have led to compromise, complexity and lowered velocity.
  • Always-on Availability & Unlimited Scalability vs Transactional consistency - has been an either-or before the advent of true distributed SQL.
  • Agility & Ease of Adoption - are vital enablers for new technology enablement; ease of migration and transfer of skills are critical measures of the long-term viability.


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