Event: Lunch 'n' Learn with Yugabyte

Register today for our content-packed,  education sessions for an Introduction to Distributed SQL and YugabyteDB*, the first—and only—100% open-source, hybrid, multi-cloud, distributed SQL database and have lunch on Yugabyte. Each  participant will receive a 25 dollar Door Dash Voucher* for attending.   

In hour you'll learn about:

  • Achieving high performance & massive scalability in your transactional database
  • Maintaining global data consistency and ACID compliant transactions without compromise
  • Future-proofing your data infrastructure with Open Source, Distributed SQL

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* At this time we are only able to provide Door Dash Vouchers to those located in the United States. 

* Vouchers will be sent to those who attended after the meeting has ended. 

*Yugabyte is the company behind YugabyteDB, the open-source distributed SQL database for cloud native transactional applications. YugabyteDB eliminates legacy database tradeoffs by combining the best of SQL and NoSQL into a geo-distributed database. Companies like Kroger, Wells Fargo, and GM trust YugabyteDB to accelerate productivity, reduce costs and lower risks.

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